The Beurei




Man’s true function is to
know G-d, and to make G-
d known: he can know G-
d only through His
revelation, and he can
comprehend that
revelation only by
continued study-Philo
Introduction to Lighting Shabbos Candles
קבלת שבת
Reciting A Bracha Before Lighting
Candles For Shabbos
Intoduction to Kabbolas Shabbos
Welcoming Shabbos-Before
The Era Of The AR"I
The Inclusion Of Tehillim Chapters
95-99 In Kabbolos Shabbos
Tehillim Chapter 29-Havu La'Shem
Bnei Ai-lim
Ana B'Koach
The Placement Of Ba'Meh Madlikin
The Words Within The Piyut Of Lecha Dodi
Accepting The Obligation Of Shabbos
A Sampling Of Customs That Surround
Kabbolos Shabbos
The Birchos Kriyas Shema Of Tefilas Arvis
On Lail Shabbos
Ha'Porais Succas Shalom Aleinu
Introduction To Shemona Esrei Of Shabbos
The Wording Of The First Bracha Of Shemona
Esrei On Shabbos According To Rav Amrom Gaon
Oo'Mai'Ahavascha or Ata Kidashta
V'Yanuchu Bah- Va'Yanuchu Bo- Va'Yanuchu Bom
Reciting The Paragraph Of Va'Yichulu As Part Of
Tefilas Arvis On Lail Shabbos
Mayain Sheva / Magen Avos
Kedushas Ha'Yom In Shemona Esrei And Over Wine
Issues Within Mai'Ain Sheva
Zecher L'Ma'Aseh Bereishis/ Zecher L'Yi'Tzias Mitzrayim