The Beurei


Holiday Prayers
Questions about Selichot
Rosh Hashonah
Why do we blow Shofar in Tephilat
Mussaf and not Tephilat Schacharit
Origin of the Piyut-Melech Amon
Yom Kippur
The Origin Of Kol Nidre
The Piyut Eileh Ezkara-The Midrash
Concerning The Ten Martyrs
The Preferrred Time to Perform
the Mitzvah of Lulav and Esrog
Shemini Atzeret
Tephilat Geshem
Parshat Shekalim
Introduction to Parshat Shekalim
Questions Concerning Parshat
Parshat Zachor
The Piyuttim of Parshat Zachor
May Jews Associate with Those
who May Currently Be
Considered Amalek
The Piyuttim of Parshat Parah
Dvar Torah Concerning
Parshat Parah
Parshat HaChodesh
Introduction to Parshat
Midrashim Concerning Parshat
Shabbat HaGadol
Introduction to Shabbat
Did The Jews Recite The
Haggadah or an Equivalent While
Eating the Korban Pesach
Seder Amirat Korban Pesach
Half Hallel on the 7th and
8th Day of Pesach
Mussaf for the Holidays
Chodesh Elul
L'Dovid Hashem Ori
Is the Mitzvah of Shofar to Hear the
Shofar or to Blow the Shofar
May Selichot be Recited
Before Midnight
The Words of the Ashamnu Vi'Duy
Is a Father Required to Purchase a
Lulav and Esrog for his Minor Son
The Minhagim of Simchat Torah
Laws and Customs of the Half
Laws and Customs of Parshat
Holding a Wedding On Ta'Anit Esther
Why Jews are Mikadesh the Moon
and Not The Sun
Two Thoughts on
Parshat Parah
The Explanation of the Shibolei
Ha'Lekket to the Haggaddah
The Zohar on Kriyat Yam Soof
Tisha B'Av
Introduction to the Kinot
of Tisha B'Av
Tisha B'Av Issues
The Text of the Selichot
More Questions
Concerning the Selichot
The Source for the Mussaf Shemona
Esrei of Rosh Hashonah
Yom Kippur in Many Lands
Hoshanot as a Form of Piyut
More on Tephilas Geshem
The Piyuttim of the Arbah Parshiot
Piyuttim as an Answer to
the Threat of the Karaites
About the Hagaddah
Issues Within the Hagaddah
The Origin of the Haggadah
Introduction to the Three Weeks
Introduction to The Kinot Of
Did תפלה, פיוט And מדרש
evelop Simultaneously?

Akdamus and Yetiv Pitgam
Tikkun L'Ail Shavuot
A Cross-Section Of Kinot
Six Kinot And Their English Translations
History of the Paris Book Burning 1242

The Beurei Hatefila Institute Urges All Synagogues To Institute
a Program On Tisha B’Av Wherein Fewer Kinot Are Recited
But They are Recited By Paragraph By Paragraph
Alternatively In Hebrew And Then In English

This Program Is Already In Use In Some Communities. Click
Here To Read About Their Experiences
A Piyut For Tu B'Shvat
Tu B'Shvat
Introduction To The Piyuttim Of The
Arbah Parshios
Megilas Eichah As The Model For The Kinos
The Seder To The Seder
Linear Translation Of
Piyuttim Of Parshas Zachor
Linear Translation Of The Piyuttim Of Parshas Shekalim
Turei Yeshurun Sivan 5726
Turei Yeshurun Sivan 5731
Turei Yeshurun Sivan 5735
Shavuos- Dr. Levinski
Haggadah Shel Shavuos
Dr. Levinski-Tisha B'Av
A Second Sample Of Kinos
With Linear Translations
Sefer Ha'Moadim-Yomim Noraim
Sefer Ha'Moadim-Succos
A Bracha For The Mitzvah Of Sippur
Yetziyas Mitrayim
Read About An Attempt To Introduce A
Holocaust Memorial Prayer Into The
The Beurei Hatefila Haggadah
Containing A Comparison of Different
Versions Of The Haggadah
Sephardic Piyut For Parshas
The Challenge To The Half
Shekel By The Saduccees
Keruvos For Tisha B'Av
The Themes Of Tisha B'Av-Why Kinos
And Not Selichos
The Origin Of The Kinos Of Tisha B'Av-
A Look At The Keruvos Of Tisha B'Av Found
In The Machzor Roma
Ashkenazic Keruvos For Tisha B'Av
Commentary 1 On Kalir's Keruvos
Commentary 2 On Kalir's Keruvos
Early Tisha B'Av Customs
Choreb Article On Dating Kalir's Kinos
Jewish History In Kalir's Era
Bayamim Ha'Heim-Messianic Piyut Of Kalir
Mah Nishtana For Tisha B'Av
Kinah Ten-The Mishmarot
The Two Themes Of Tisha B'Av
Rav Amrom Gaon-Selichos On Tisha B'Av
And Not Kinos
Rav Sa-Adiya Gaon-Selichos On Tisha B'Av
And Not Kinos
Kol Nidre-A Weapon Of Anti-Semitism
מגילת אנטיוכוס-
Megilas Antiyochus
A Megilah For Chanukah
Introduction To Megilas
Megilas Antiyochus With
Megilas Antiyochus Hebrew &
Megillas Antiyochus In English
Megilas Antiyochus With
Hungarian Translation
Nosson Fried On Megilas
Nosson Fried On Megilas
Azharos-Piyuttim Unique To Shavuos
Illustrated Haggadot
History Of Illustrated Haggadot
Slideshow On History Of
Ilustrated Haggadot-
Powerpoint Version
Slideshow On History Of
Illustrated Haggadot-Pdf Version
The Last Bracha After The Haftorah
On Shabbos Chol Ha'Moed Succos
Kolbo Purim-A Parody In
Hebrew Including a
Haggadah For Purim
Haggadot Through The
Haggadah Minhag Eretz Yisroel
Haggadah Seder Rav Amrom Gaon
Haggadah Roman Rite
Karaite Haggadah
Yemenite Haggadah
Baghdad Haggadah
Haggadah Menachem Kasher
Haggadah For Era Of Third Beis
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Based On What Holiday Was Chanukah Modelled?
A Taste Of The Sefer Ha'Makabim
V'Al Ha'Nissim
Rabim B'Yad Mi'Atim-Jews As Professional Soldiers
History of Al Hanissim and Maoz Tzur
The Tragic Side of the Chanukah Story
Customs of Chanukah Found in Masechet Sofrim
Reciting Mizmor Shir Chanukat Ha'Bayit on Chanukah
Midrashim Concerning Chanukah
Giving Thanks and Reciting Hallel on Chanukah
The Last Stanza Of Maoz Tzur
The Placement Of Ritzei, Ya'Aleh V'Yavo And Al
Ha'Nissim In Birkas Hamzaone
Video-Why Do We Recite V'Al Ha'NIssim In
Birkas Hamazone
Video-Why Do We Say Hallel On Chanukah
Recording-Why The First Kinah In The Morning
Begins With The Letter "Samach?"
NEW VIDEO-Afternoon Customs On Tisha B'Av Including Lighting A
Candle To Celebrate The Birth Of The Moshiach
Source Sheet-Afternoon Customs Of Tisha B'Av
A Brief Introduction To The Haggadah
Sample Of The Seder Customs Of The
Vilna Gaon
Translation Of First Two Page Of Dr.
Abraham Berliner's Notes To The
Translation Of Yemenite Additions To
The Haggadah
The Sweeping Story Of Rosh Hashonah
Musaf by Rabbi Barry Kornblau
Haggadah Of Purim- A Purim Parody
Parshat Parah
Maseches Purim
Video-Purim Parodies