The Beurei




Man’s true function is to
know G-d, and to make G-
d known: he can know G-
d only through His
revelation, and he can
comprehend that
revelation only by
continued study-Philo
ראש השנה
Rosh Hashonah
Introduction To Shemona Esrei Of The
Yomim Noraim
The Uniqueness Of Shemona Esrei On
Rosh Hashonah And Yom Kippur
The Zichronos In The Opening And
Closing Brachos Of Shemona Esrei
Therefore Let Us Follow Both Customs
Why The Bracha Of Malchiyos Was
Ha'Kail Ha'Kadosh / Ha'Melech
Oo'V'Chain, Oo'V'Chain, Oo'V'Chain
Omitting V’Ha’Si’Ainu On Rosh
Hashonah and Yom Kippur
The Additions To Tefilas Arvis On Rosh
Errors In The Recital Of The Piyuttim Of
The Yomim Noraim
The Origin Of Aveinu Malkeinu
The Content Of Aveinu Malkeinu
Introduction To Tekias Shofar-1
Introduction To Tekias Shofar-2
The Required Number Of Sounds For
Tekias Shofar
Why Did Chazal Add The Tekiyos
Creating An Impermissable Pause
During Tekias Shofar
Tekiyas Shofar-Before Or After
Hachnosos Ha'Torah
The Prayers Before Tekias
The Prayers Before Tekias
Hineni Ha'Ani Mi'Ma'As-The Prayer
Leader's Prayer Before Tefilas Mussaf
On Rosh Hashonah
Malchiyos, Zichronos and Shofaros
The Silent Mussaf Shemona Esrei Of
Rosh Hashonah
The Words Missing From The Bracha Of
The Origin Of The Piyut-Oo'Nisaneh
The Crusades And The Story Of Rav
Oo'Teshuva Oo'Tefila OO'Tzedaka
Ma'Avirin Es Ro'A Ha'Gezeira
Rosh Hashonah Shemona Esrei-Rav
Sa'Adiya Gaon
Rosh Hashonah Shemona Esrei-Rav
Amrom Gaon
יום כיפור
Yom Kippur
Vows As A Form Of Jewish Prayer
Introduction To Hataras Nedarim
Kol Nidre-Vows Of The Past Or Vows Of
The Future
Ha'Avaryanim-A Key To Understanding Kol
Kol Nidre As A Form Of Hataras Nedarim
Hataras Kelalos-A Link Between Kol Nidre
And Magic Spells
Heidenheim Introduction To Kol Nidre
Kol Nidre-Roman Rite
Kol Nidre Machzor Constantinople
The Theme Of Shemona Esrei On Yom
Viduy As Part Of Shemona Esrei On Yom
A Bracha After Viduy Of The Silent
Shemona Esrei On Yom Kippur
Reciting Viduy On Erev Yom Kippur-Once
Or Twice?
Tefilas Mincha On Erev Yom Kippur
Reciting The Bracha Of Shehechayanu On
Yom Kippur
Wearing A Talis Throughout Yom Kippur
Lighting Candles Before Yom Kippur
The Ten Viduyyim Of Yom Kippur
Minhag Ashkenaz / Minhag Polin
The First Bracha Of Kriyas Shema For
Tefilas Shacharis On Yom Kippur
Reciting Kedushah Rabbah During
Chazaras Ha'Shatz On Yom Kippur
Bowing During Tefilas Mussaf On Yom
The Seder Kedushah Recited Among
Sephardim On Yom Kippur
Introduction To The Seder Ha'Avoda Of
Yom Kippur
The Kriyas Ha'Torah Of The Kohain Gadol
On Yom Kipur
The Prayer Of The Kohain Gadol Upon
Exiting From The Holy Of Holies
The Influence Of The Book Ben Sira On
Jewish Prayer
The Piyut: Aileh Ezkara-When Did Each
Martyr Live?
Aileh Ezkara-Why Recite A Piyut That is
Historically Incorrect
The Thirteen Martyrs-Why Only Ten?
Birkas Kohanim On Yom Kippur
The Conclusion Of Tefilas Mussaf On Yom
The Transition From Tefilas Mussaf To
Tefilas Mincha On Yom Kippur
Kriyas Ha'Torah And Haftorah During
Tefilas Mincha Of Yom Kippur
May A Kohain Be Called To Read Maftir
The Birchos Ha'Haftorah For Maftir Yona
Introduction To Tefilas N'Eilah
Distinguishing Tefilas N'Eilah From The
Other Tefilos Of Yom Kippur
Concluding The Tefilos Of Yom Kippur
An Overview Of Mussaf Shemona Esrei Of
Rosh Hashonah
Ha'Ochaiz B'Yad Midas Mishpat, V'Col Ma'Aminim
The Placement Of Aleinu L'Shabeach Within The
Fourth Bracha Of Shemona Esrei Of Mussaf Shemona
Esrei Of Rosh Hashonah
The Link Betwen Aleinu L'Shabeach And Kriyas Shema
Ha'Yom Haras Olam/Areses Sifaseinu
Ha'Yom T'Amtzeinu
Rosh Hashonah As Rosh Chodesh