The Beurei




Man’s true function is to know
G-d, and to make G-d known:
he can know G-d only through
His revelation, and he can
comprehend that revelation
only by continued study-Philo
Articles And Video
Presentations Authored By
Abe Katz
Why Do We Remove Our Tefillin Before
Tefilas Mussaf On Rosh Chodesh
Fast Of The Ten Of Teves And
Holocaust Remembrance
Switching Nuscha'Ot-From Nusach
Ashkenaz To Nusach Sefarad
Models Of Jewish Prayer
Did St. Peter Compose Nishmas Kol Chai?
An Overview Of  Tefilas Schacharis
The Cairo Geniza Discovery and the
Study of Talmud
The Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Praying For The Sick
Two Practices That Were Instituted To
Improve Decorum In Synagogue
Lessons Of The First Page Of The First
Sholom Zochor
Historical Link Between Aleinu L'Sha'Beach
and Jewish Martyrdom
Self-Censorship of Jewish Liturgy
The 49 Tikkunim Of The Safed Kabbalists
14 Suggestion For Improving Involvement In
Tefilas Shacharis
Kiddush On Shabbos And Yom Tov
What Every Mourner Needs To Know
About Kaddish Yasom
Why Do We Not Recite Birchas Kohanim
Every Day In The Diaspora
Commentary On Birkat Hamazone
The Basis For Ta'Anis Esther
Video Presentations By Abe
Video-Why Do We Recite V'Al
Ha'Nissim In Birkas Hamazone
Video-Tu B'Shvat Or
Shavuos-Chag Ha'ilanot-Is Tu
B'Shavt Or Shavuos The
Holiday Of Trees?
To Download Source Sheet For
Shavuos Video, Click Here
Yomim Noraim Classes 5778
Recording-Rosh Hashonah
Recording-Shemona Esrei For The
Yomim Tovim
Recording-Celebrating Simchas Torah
Recording Sildeshow-Nusach Ha'Tefila Of
The Jews In Provence-1300's
To Download The Slides For The Presentation-
Nusach Ha'Tefila Of The Jews Of Provence- -1300's
Recording-Shiur-A Bracha Before Removing Tephillin
Sourcesheet-Shiur-A Bracha Before Removing Tephillin
Recording Lesson One Birkat Hamazone