Man’s true function is to know
G-d, and to make G-d known:
he can know G-d only through
His revelation, and he can
comprehend that revelation
only by continued study - Philo
The Beurei


Teacher Resources
History Of  Jewish Prayer
Presented At The Samuel Field
Y, Little Neck, New York
Handout-Prayer In The Bible
Handout- Prayer During The Period Of The
Handout-Prayer In The Time Of The Mishna
Handout-Prayer In The Time Of The Talmud
Handout- Prayer In The Geonic Period
Handout-Prayer In The Period Of The Early
Handout-Prayer In The Period Of The
Kabbalists Of Safed
Handout- Prayer In The Period Of The
German Reform Movement
Combined Handouts History Of Jewish Prayer
Introduction To Jewish Prayer
Samuel Field Y
Little Neck, New York
Handout-The Origin Of The
Handout-Introduction To Individual
Handout-Introduction To Communal
Handout-The Purpose Of The Torah
Combined Handouts Introducton To
Jewish Prayer
New CAJE Workshop-Origin
Of The Mourners' Kaddish
Source Sheet From Workshop
On The
Origin Of Kaddish
Slideshow Depicting The Origin
Of Kaddish
Teacher Guides On Teaching
Religious Subjects Published In
Israel In The 1960's
General Teacher's Guide 1
General Teacher's Guide 2
General Teacher's Guide 3
General Teacher's Guide 4
Teacher's Guide-The Yomim Noraim 1
Teacher's Guide-The Yomim Noraim 2
Teacher's Guide-Shabbos
Teacher's Guide-Succos
Teacher's Guide-Tefila
Handouts Classes On High
Holiday Prayers
Handout-Introduction To Prayers
Of The High Holidays
Handout-Liturgical Poetry Of The
High Holiday Prayers
Handout Customs Of The High
Home Page
Prayers For Local Governments
Jonathan Sarna-Prayers For The US
Prayers For George Washington and
Abraham Lincoln
Prayer For The Confederacy
History Of The Prayer For The Local
Samples Of Prayers For The Local
On Line Class-Preparing Bnei
Mitzvah For Participation In The
Synagogue Service
To Download The Source Sheets And Listen To
Recordings Of Classes
Outline For Class-Preparing Bnei Mitzvah For
Participation In The Synagogue Service
To Develop A Course That Helps Students
Transition From The Written Law To The Oral Law
To Download An Alphabetical Index To The Torah
Temima Authored By Rabbi Isisdor Margolis, z"l