The Beurei




Man’s true function is to know
G-d, and to make G-d known:
he can know G-d only through
His revelation, and he can
comprehend that revelation
only by continued study-Philo
Scholarly Articles
Elokei Dovid V'Boneh Yerushalayim-Levitas
Semichas Geulah L'Tefila-Levitas
Ha'Shabbos B'Beis Ha'Knesses-Heinemann
Teaching Tefila In Schools-Ta'Shma
L'Cheker Al Ha'Kallah B'Tekufas
Yikum Purkun-Shlomo Tal
History Of Jewish Liturgy Schiffman
Tefila Al Ha'Saf-Early Versions Of
Birchos Ha'Shachar-Dalia Marx
The Strange Blessing Of
Yotzer Ohr-Allen Friedman
Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx, Professor
at Hebrew Union College in
Jerusalem, has just published an
important book on Tefila:
בעת אישן ואעירה
Prayers Upon Retiring And Waking
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Turei Yeshurun Elul 5726
Turei Yeshurun Tishrei 5727
Turei Yeshurun Tishrei 5732
Turei Yeshurun Tishrei 5734
Turei Yeshurun Tishrei 5735
Turei Yeshurun Cheshvan 5731
Turei Yeshurun Cheshvan 5732
Turei Yeshurun Cheshvan 5734
Turei Yeshurun Cheshvan 5735
Turei Yeshurun Kislev 5727
Turei Yeshurun Kislev 5731
Turei Yeshurun Kislev 5733
Turei Yeshurun Teves 5727
Turei Yeshurun Teves 5735
Turei Yeshurun Shevat 5727
Turei Yeshurun Shevat 5731
Turei Yeshurun Shevat 5733
Turei Yeshurun Shevat 5735
The Journal Turei Yeshurun was
published in the 1960's and 1970's
and contains articles written by
Israel's top academic scholars of
that time.  Many of the articles
dealt with issues involving Tefila.  
Recognition must be given to for making
digital copies of these journals
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Of The Introduction To The Book
Prayers From The Geniza For
Fatimid Caliphs- S. Gotein
An Introduction To The Liturgy
Of The Damascene Karaites
The Teshuva Of The Rokeach Concerning The
Propriety Of Reciting Machnisei
Rachamim-Rabbi Yosef Shmuel Zechter
The Controversy Surrounding The Recital Of
Machnisei Rachamim-Rabbi Shlomo Sperber
The Journal Ha'Tzofeh L'Chochmas
Yisroel was published in the 1920's in
Budapest.  Below is a sample Title and
Editorial Page of the Journal.  Articles
on the topic of Tefila that appeared in
some issues of the Journal are available
for downloading below.
Sample Title And Editorial
Why We Pour A Cup For Eliyahu At The
Masiv Ha'Ruach Oo'Morid Ha'Geshem Or
The Basis For A Minyan Requiring Ten
Why Were These Chapters Of Tehillim
Chosen As The Mizmor Of Each Day
Prayers That Some Recite When Kissing
The Mezuzah On The Doorpost
The Origin Of The Custom To Mark The
Yahrzeit Of A Deceased Parent
About Shemona Esrei Of Arvis, Shacharis,
Mincha and Mussaf of Rosh Chodesh by Sinai
Yedid and Aviezri Frankel
The Bracha Of Boneh Yerushalayim And Its
Evolution by Joseph Heinemann
Chronology Of The Tosafists
The organization that publishes the
Encyclopedia Ha'Talmudit has
published a one volume book entitled:
Otzar Ha'Tefilos that was authored by
Rabbi David Cohen.
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Translation Of The Introduction To
The Book
Lighting Candles On The Eve Of Yom
Tov By Moshe Gavra
The Talis Of Our Sages By Samuel Krauss
Prayer In The Beis Hamikdash By Tzvi Frisch
An Attempt To Trace The Origins Of The
Jewish Prayer Rites
Articles By Rabbi Jack Kaufman
Rabbi Kaufman lives in Hillcrest, Queens, New
York and has been studying Tefila for many
years.  He has listened to and shared many
thoughts on Tefila with Abe Katz, Founder Of
The Beurei Hatefila Institute.  May he be graced
with good health for many years to come.
Hodu Lashem
Yihei Kvod
Pointing The Lulav In All Directions During
Hallel-Professor Y. Hildesheimer
The Sweeping Story Of Rosh Hashonah In Color
By Rabbi Barry Kornblau