The Beurei




Man’s true function is to
know G-d, and to make G-
d known: he can know G-
d only through His
revelation, and he can
comprehend that
revelation only by
continued study-Philo
Milestones In The History Of The Siddur
First Page Of Seder Rav Amrom Gaon
What Prompted The Compilation
Of The First Siddur In The 800's?
First Bracha Kriyas Shema Rav
Saadiya Gaon
Rav Sa'Adiya Gaon In The 900's
Provides The Text For The First
Bracha Of Kriyas Shema When
An Individual Prays Alone.  In
Doing So, Rav Sa'Adiya Reveals
The Text For The Bracha When It
Was First Composed
Samples Of Prayers For The
Local Government 1700-1900
The Synagogue Service On Shabbos
Morning Has Included A Prayer For
The Local Govenment Since The
1200's.  Here Are Some Examples.
Prayers For Presidents George
Washington And Abraham Lincoln
Examples Of Patriotism Prayers Can Be Found
For Leaders Of European Countries And The
United States.  Below Are Two Examples Of
American Jewish Patriotism Prayers.
Two Versions Of The Bracha Of
Baruch Sh'Amar Have Been
Passed Down To Us:
המהולל בפי
Or המהולל בפה עמו.  What Is
The Basis Of Each Version?
The Words Within The Bracha Of
Baruch Sh'Amar
An Example Of Selichos Being
Said On A Fast Day As Part Of
Chazaras Ha'Shatz In The Bracha
Of Selech Lanu-Italian Machzor
Fast Day Selichos Being
Recited In Chazaras Ha'Shatz
Sephradim recite a prayer known as Hataras
Kelalos-the nullification of curses- on the day
before Rosh Hashonah after reciting Hataras
Nedarim.  Below is one current example of the
prayer and a further example of the prayer
taken from a Machzor that follows the Roman
Rite.  In that Machzor, Hataras Kelalos was
recited on the 8th day of Pesach just before
Hataras Kelalos-The Nullification Of Curses
20th Day Of Sivan-Memorial Fast For The
Victims Of The Khmelnitzki Progoms
Selichos For The Fast Of The 20th Day Of Sivan